Scallop Festival 2011

The Whitianga Scallop festival was held on Saturday on 21st September!

Oysters – GONE by Midday

Scallops – GONE by Midafternooon.

A big thanks to everybody that contributed towards our day being such a success; Andrew Oliver, OPC, Lisa & Pacific Marine Oysters Coromandel, Herb & his Kina, Gary & Taimania Hinds, Ted & Connor McVerry, Callum Oliver, The Auti-Paul Family, Tracey Brown, Steve Sant, Sandi & Cody Lowe, Jodie Russell, Logan Carter, Stacey Semmens, Wayne Bourne Ultimatum, The Hinds-Senior Family, The McMurtrie Family, Emily Adam, Vanessa Nightingale, Ruby Williams, Rhys Schwenke, NIcki Williams, Rose & Edward Selby, The Norgrove Family, The Lamason Family,

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