Bay of Plently Surf League Representative

Hot Water Beach Surf Life Saving Club had its first ever Under 14 Bay of Plenty representative in the National Provincial Championship held at the Mount beach recently. Paul Clout was part of a 10 member squad competing against 6 representative sides from around the country.
Paul Clout (left) competing in flags
Individually he competed in the Beach Sprint and Beach Flag events placing second in both. He then combined with his team mates in the Beach Relay in which the Bay placed second and NPC Relay which they won.  Chosen as a specialist sprinter Paul’s role was vital. “In the Beach Relay I was the first runner so I needed to get our team a good start.”
Winning the NPC relay demonstrated the teams overall strength involving all members either running, boarding, swimming or rescuing in a relay format. “Paul played a key role in the NPC” said sprint coach Danielle Shepherd. He had what we call the “Gut Buster” running 400m in the soft sand”
A late developer, according to his mother, this year he’s grown so much and has gained so much confidence competing at this level. “He was a real find for us”, said team coach Grant Muru, and exceeding all expectations. He should be very proud of his achievement and if he continues to improve will do well in the future.
The Bay of Plenty is seen as one of the strongest districts for competitive surf life saving with over 500 athletes from ages 10– 14years so to be selected in a Bay team is quite prestigious. The team had representatives from six clubs Whakatane, Mount, Omanu, Whangamata, Papamoa and Hot Water Beach.
The bar is set pretty high for the “Bay” in these competitions, with a history of very successful teams. Last year they won the U14, U16 ,U19 and placed 3rd in the Open division. “There was a bit of pressure” said Grant Muru  “but we decided to use this as a positive thing, “ Unfortunately the team wasn’t able to match last years result, finishing second by 2 points to Auckland. “ Our aim was to win and we looked pretty strong across the competition but a few small errors let us down and at this level that can often be the difference.”
The event was part of New Zealand Surf Life Saving’s ”Festival of Surf” which also had a 3 Test International Series with teams from Canada, Japan, New Zealand and eventual winners Australia. Grant Muru said “It was a privilege to work with such talented athletes and Paul was no exception. He did his clubs and province proud”. Team members will return to their clubs and continue to prepare for the Junior Nationals “Ocean Athletes” competition held at the end of February on the Mount beach
Grant Muru
BOP U14 Surf Coach

IRB and Crewman Exam 29 Jan

Last Saturday with Hot Water Beach waves in our favour the following guards acheived their IRB Drivers; Peter Curry, Connor McVerry and Katie McVerry. Megan McVerry acheived her IRB Crewmans.

Thanks to Gary, Andrew and Logan for their time and effort in training these guards.  Thanks also to Greg Bowen for coming to Hottie to exam our guards.

Katie performing her solo drive

Katie and Meg carrying their patient Logan in front of examiner Greg

Connor putting his patient Katie into the recovery position

Peter doing his solo driving

Meg crewing and Katie driving


New Season Lifeguards

Congratulations to Jarred Evanson, Daya Thomson, Cossette O’Connell and Baylee Horne for acheiving their Lifeguard Award in Decmeber 2010.

More recently congratulations to Ruby Williams, Carly Harris and Wade Bosley for acheiving their Lifeguard Award as well.

Well Done! Great to have you all on board

Papamoa Carnival 22nd Jan

Another great effort by our Juniors at the Papamoa Carnival on Saturday.

Our Team consisted of;
Emma Hinds-Senior – our ‘Pocket Rocket’, just keeps on keeping on, well done.
3rd in flags
Wilson Wolfe – continues to improve and gives everything a go, well done.
Joshua Hinds-Senior – ‘Mr Determination’, you never give up, fantastic effort.
1st in sprints
Liam Brown – another athlete that is improving at every carnival, well done.
Billie McDonnell – continues to build up her skills in the carnival arena, well done.
John Clout – just keeps on ‘truckn’, well done.

It was a tough day on the sand and in the water for our big boys but they gave it their all and learnt a lot on the way!

Joe Cooke – continues to improve and learn as he competes at the carnivals, well done.
James Lee – what a great effort in the flags very well done.
3rd flags
Paul Clout – Lanky legs did well in the sprints, well done.
2nd sprints

The rain stayed away till the end of the carnival, it was over cast and the sea was challenging as it always is at Papamoa.
I was officiating in the 12 & 13 arena to assist the organisers of the event.
Thanks to Jim McDonnell for helping out when ever parent help was needed.
Thanks to Geoff Wolfe for taking the kids for warm ups and supporting the 10 & 11 yr olds.
As always thanks to Sue and Paul for doing all the little bits in between and helping organise/support the kids.
Thanks Paul for taking the gear trailer home for me.

Sarah Clout

Westpac Helicopter

Thursday 27th January Hot Water Beach Lifeguards and Club Members had the Westpac Rescue Helicopter land at HWB.  Guards were shown how to set up a landing zone and 15 guards experienced jumping out of the helicopter.

Our Lifeguards in class

Ruby Williams, Emily Adam, Ellen Butler and Connor McVerry pose for the camera man

Club member Susan Hinds with her nephew Taingarunui Hinds checking out the helicopter

Hayley Betteridge getting strapped into the seat to fly back to Whitianga instead of jumping!!

Peter Curry, Lisa Gifford and Gary Hinds taking their final steps before the big jump

Peter Curry the last jumper of the day

Junior Surf Carnival Results

Whakatane Surf Carnival

3 of our athletes participated in the Surf Carnival at Whakatane and what a beautiful day it was and a kind sea.

  • First up, a BIG congratulations to Liam Brown for his first ever board race.  Well done.
  • Congrats to Paul Clout with a 1st place in beach sprint and 2nd place in flags.
  • Congrats to James Lee with 3rd place in beach sprint

Whangamata Surf Carnival

Our Juniors went along to ruffle Whangamata’s feathers and remind them of their ‘determined’ neighbouring club!

  • Rachel Brown
  • Emma Hinds-Senior
  • Cameron Toomey
  • Josh Hinds-Senior
  • Liam Brown
  • John Clout
  • Joe Cooke
  • Chloe Hinds-Senior
  • Paul Clout

And  once again we ‘muscled’ up really well and gave the rest of the clubs something to think about.

  • Rachel Brown – 3rd in run wade run. (Very well done to Rachel who was competing up in the yr 7s)
  • Emma Hinds-Senior – 1st sprints, 1st flags, 2nd run wade run, 2nd board. (Once again our little ‘Pocket Rocket’ has made a stand to let everyone know she is back for another season and ready to fly the flag high for Hottie.)
  • Cameron Toomey – 3rd flags (This was Cameron’s first outing for the club and what a great result for a 1st timer, well done.)
  • Josh Hinds-Senior – 1st sprints (What an interesting race for Josh, they had to race twice, his focus and determination made sure he pulled off the win, jolly well done Josh.)
  • John Clout – 3rd flags (Well done John.)
  • Joe Cooke – 2nd sprints, 2nd flags (Another new comer to surf carnivals for Hottie and what a fantastic result Joe.  Well done.)
  • Paul Clout – 1st sprints, 1st flags, 2nd board (Well done Paul, another good result.)

Congratulations to all athletes who participated, you flew the flag high for Hot Water Beach and did us all proud

Sarah Clout

Junior Surf Competition/Carnival Co-ordinator

Meet our sixth crew member of Six Surf Lifeguards

Antz Morgan

We’re pleased to announce Antony Morgan has joined the team as our sixth IRB driver.

Originally a member of Taylor’s Mistake SLSC, Antony’s now a member of Hot Water Beach. He’s been a qualified driver for five years, and has been racing competitively for four. He qualified as an examiner two years ago and has completed several lengthy IRB trips before.

A passionate and dedicated lifeguard, Antony said he was keen to be involved because he’s ready for a “massive challenge” and would like to help do his part in raising the profile of SLSNZ’s centenary.

“Ever since I read the original story of the guys that attempted this journey originally, I’ve wanted to do something similar for surf life saving. This is the perfect opportunity for me to do that,” says Antony.

For more information on what Antony is preparing for go to: