Eastern Regional Junior Champs

The Eastern Regional Junior Champs were held on the 12th & 13th of Feb at the Mount.  What a fab weekend we all had, the kids had a blast and entered anything and everything that they wanted to entre.  The weather was great and the sea conditions challenging as always.
Our team consisted of;
Paul Clout – Lanky Legs got stuck in and made the rest of  the competitors eat his dust, taking out 1st place in the 13yrs beach sprints, flags and 3rd in the boys relay.  Well done.
Joe Cooke – had another solid competition grabbing 3rd in the beach sprints and a 3rd place in the 13yr beach relay with Paul, Joshua and Kobi.  Well done.
Jess Menzies – had a steady weekend on the beach, and continues to gain experience in every comp she enters.  She did well to get into the beach sprint final and got 5th.  Well done.
Kobi Abrahamson – took on most of the water arena events, 6th in the run/swim/run, 4th in the board, 5th in the diamond and 3rd in the relay team with Paul, Joe and Joshua. Well done.
Billie McDonnell – continues to enjoy competing and gains experience at each event.  Well done.
Liam Brown – another that continues to keep on keeping on.  Well done.
Joshua Hinds-Senior – our ‘Ever Ready Battery’ worked hard on the beach with a 4th in beach flags, 2nd in the beach sprints and competed up in the 13yr olds beach relay with Paul, Joe and Kobi helping us achieve 3rd place.  Well done.
Wilson Wolfe – enjoyed his wkd by being involved in the water arenas and on the beach, with a 5th in the beach sprints, 5th in flags and 6th on the board.  Well done.
Kyla Abrahamson – continues to get stuck in with a wee ‘push’ from us all…. Coming in 5th place for the surf race and 3rd in the beach sprints.  Well done.
Emma Hinds-Senior – our ‘Pocket Rocket’ worked hard as always with a 2nd and 2nd in the Cameron (with Monica and Jonty).  Well done
Monica Menzies – continues to gain experience and always looks like she is enjoying herself.  She got 2nd in the Cameron (with Emma and Jonty).  Well done.
Jonty Abrahamson– had a solid weekend in the water and on the beach with a 5th in run/wade/run, 4th in the diamond and 3rd in the beach sprints.  Jolly well done.
Thanks to Jim for bringing the trailer down with the gear and taking it home again.
To all the rest of the parents, thanks for mucking in and making sure your kids were where they needed to be for their events.
‘Oceans 11’ is looming….
Sarah Clout

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