Junior Surf Carnival Results

Whakatane Surf Carnival

3 of our athletes participated in the Surf Carnival at Whakatane and what a beautiful day it was and a kind sea.

  • First up, a BIG congratulations to Liam Brown for his first ever board race.  Well done.
  • Congrats to Paul Clout with a 1st place in beach sprint and 2nd place in flags.
  • Congrats to James Lee with 3rd place in beach sprint

Whangamata Surf Carnival

Our Juniors went along to ruffle Whangamata’s feathers and remind them of their ‘determined’ neighbouring club!

  • Rachel Brown
  • Emma Hinds-Senior
  • Cameron Toomey
  • Josh Hinds-Senior
  • Liam Brown
  • John Clout
  • Joe Cooke
  • Chloe Hinds-Senior
  • Paul Clout

And  once again we ‘muscled’ up really well and gave the rest of the clubs something to think about.

  • Rachel Brown – 3rd in run wade run. (Very well done to Rachel who was competing up in the yr 7s)
  • Emma Hinds-Senior – 1st sprints, 1st flags, 2nd run wade run, 2nd board. (Once again our little ‘Pocket Rocket’ has made a stand to let everyone know she is back for another season and ready to fly the flag high for Hottie.)
  • Cameron Toomey – 3rd flags (This was Cameron’s first outing for the club and what a great result for a 1st timer, well done.)
  • Josh Hinds-Senior – 1st sprints (What an interesting race for Josh, they had to race twice, his focus and determination made sure he pulled off the win, jolly well done Josh.)
  • John Clout – 3rd flags (Well done John.)
  • Joe Cooke – 2nd sprints, 2nd flags (Another new comer to surf carnivals for Hottie and what a fantastic result Joe.  Well done.)
  • Paul Clout – 1st sprints, 1st flags, 2nd board (Well done Paul, another good result.)

Congratulations to all athletes who participated, you flew the flag high for Hot Water Beach and did us all proud

Sarah Clout

Junior Surf Competition/Carnival Co-ordinator