Winter Training in Tairua

Jim McDonnellWinter IRB Training kicked off at Tairua on Saturday of Queens Birthday Weekend.  Hottie Guards that attended were, Andrew Oliver, Callum Oliver, Josh McMurtrie, Jim Donnell, Hayley Betteridge and Thomas O’Connell. Nonstop rain, 2 metre waves and shore dump did not deter our guards from participating in this training exercise.

Due to the sea conditions, the Sunday session was held at Pauanui and ended with an 8 boat game of IRB soccer.

For any further winter IRB training please contact Andrew Oliver on 021 275 1367.

Lifeguard Prizegiving Evening

Josh McMurtrie's Fire Staff Display

Overall Age Group Winners

Under 16 years female – Ruby Williams

Under 16 years male – David Hotham

Under 19 years female – Emily Hotham

Under 19 years male – Callum Oliver

Vanessa, Superman & Emily

Open woman – Stacey Semmens

Open mens – Andrew Oliver

Masters woman – Susan Hinds

Masters men – Andrew Oliver

Mum – Jo Menzies

Dad  – Matt Goodman

Prizegiving Winners

Special Awards

Hinds Family Trophy – Ruby Williams

Most Volunteer hours (165 Hours) – Sandi Lowe, Andrew Oliver, Vanessa Nightingale

100+ Hours – Adam Adam, Emily Adam, Jazard Aitu-Paul, Logan Carter, Mitchell Carter, Peter Curry, Lisa Gifford, Gary Hinds, Josh Hotham, Sandi Lowe, Josh McMurtrie, Claire McVerry, Connor McVerry, Katie McVerry, Megan McVerry, Vanessa Nightingale, Andrew Oliver, Callum Oliver, Stacey Semmens, Ruby Williams

Dinosaur Patrol – Ian Carter, Michelle Carter, Jim McDonell, Mike Smith.  Baby Dinosaur – Billie McDonell

Junior Guard Trophy – Jazard Aitu-Paul

Senior Guard Trophy – Sandi Lowe

Overall Junior Surf Trophy – Dain Whiting

Sponsors Award – Hahei Holidays


17 rescues in 1 hour – MIke Smith (PC), Andrew Oliver, Jazard Aitu-Paul, Logan Carter, Peter Curry, Callum Oliver, Stacey Semmens,


IRB Flippers – Jazard Aitu-Paul, Peter Curry, Andrew Oliver

NZ Next Top Lifeguard Model – Andre Adam, Jazard Aitu-Paul, Connor McVerry

Barbie Award – Emily Adam

Dipstick Award – K’an Kai Lee Kropidlowski-Lees

Superman – Gary Hinds

Special Thanks to….

Tracey Brown, Michelle Carter, Cathy Gifford, Lisa Gifford, Susan Hinds, Diane Hotham, Jean Oliver, Ted McVerry, Paul Senior, Sue Williams