HWB takes National Rescue of the Month

From the Surf BOP website: 

“Rescue of the Month-February 2009 (Period Four)

The February Rescue of the Month is awarded to Hot Water Beach Volunteer lifeguards: Gary Hinds, Logan Carter, Peter Curry, Stacey Semmens, Connor McVerry and Cody Muir. These guards have been recognised for their coordinated mass rescue effort involving four patients signally and screaming for help, while stuck in strong rips outside the flagged area. Maximising the use of rescue resources, these lifeguards showed initiative and impressive teamwork by successfully getting the heavily distressed and uncooperative victims back to shore safely.

The impressive work of the three junior lifeguards that responded initially with tubes and fins to the patients, the coordination and management of the rescue from shore by senior lifeguards, the launch and maneuvering of the IRB in rough conditions, and the medical treatment provided back on shore, all demonstrated high levels of lifeguarding skill and knowledge.

These lifeguards also won the SLSNZ Rescue of the Month for February.”